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Buyers Guide: POS Scales

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POS ScalesIf you own a grocery store or a general commodity weighing establishment, then you need to have a good set of POS scales to give the customers the right weight of the product purchased by them so that they can be prices appropriately. There are many types of POS or cash register scales that can help you in all your weighing needs.

POS scales are very popular in hospitality industries such as cafeterias, fast food joints or deli. They are an essential system in grocery stores where you need to weight the commodities purchased by the customers so that you can give them the exact price for their purchase. A reliable POS scale will ensure that the customers get what they want in the right quantity.

These POS scales are electronic systems that detect the weight of the commodities placed on them. They give the exact weight to the decimals and there is no chance of ambiguity in these scales. Some scales are part of the POS system with cash register accessories. Here the customer pays for the product at the counter after weighing the commodity purchased on the Point of sale scales.

Nowadays you get sleek-looking POS scales that are quite space saving. They do not clutter the counter and can be easily carried from one place to another. One such POS scales is ACOM HPC100 which is an excellent brand for POS scales and weighing systems. It is a no pole display with maximum capacity of 30kg and minimum of 10gm with a platter size of 365x365x160mm. It has additional features such as price and transaction number display, it also stores listed commodity price, daily price accumulation with transaction numbers and many more.

ACOM HPC100 is perfect for small or medium size business; especially grocery store or fast food restaurants. For less than $650 you get a perfect POS scale that’ll weigh all your products without any discrepancies. You also get smaller scales from this brand for weighing small quantities of commodities.

You also get high volume scales for retail checkout applications such as grocery stores. If you like the pole display then you has many brands with these models. Some POS scales also have label printing options where you get a printed sticker or label with the weight, date, transaction number, and product name on it. These types of POS scales are very common in grocery stores and supermarkets.

The customer weighs the commodity on the scale and the electronic device automatically gives out a label with the weight of the product which is then stuck to the commodity for scanning at the counter. These scales also have pole displays which tell the exact weight of the commodity.

Other popular POS scale brands are Avery Berkel, CAS and Weightronix. These brands along with ACOM HPC100 are very popular across the globe. They are high-end electronic machines which give perfect weight and display for all your business needs. Whether you have a convenience store, cafeteria, ice cream shop, or any other retail establishment, you need to invest on good quality Point of Sale scales.

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