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Freight & Logistics

We provide smart business solutions, and ensure systems run smoothly, provide greater efficiencies, business performance & profits, long-term.

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Freight & LogisticsWould you like to track incoming and outgoing freight? While your drivers deliver and take delivery of packages. From Scanners and PDT's to portable label printers and receipt printers, we have everything to make your job easier.

If you're in the freight and logistics industry or your business centres around tracking systems and timeframes, you need reliable products that will ensure the smooth running of your business. New challenges and opportunities are emerging as aggressive new service providers enter the global parcel and post industry, which was once dominated by national postal authorities. Competition is forcing all participants to maximize efficiency, offer new services, and find new sources of revenue in their markets.

The physical aspects of mail pickup and delivery have changed little in more than 100 years. The mark of a modern, efficient delivery organization is the amount of information it can capture and provide its customers. Bar code and RFID printing systems are the tools parcel and post providers need to compete, helping create and provide information any time, anywhere. Zebra solutions help parcel and post operators reduce operating expenses and create new revenue-producing services.

POSMarket can provide you with such products. We sell well known reliable brands and products that have been tried and tested.

Investing in reliable and good quality technology is key to maintaining a competitive edge, especially in the freight and logistics industry. Some of the benefits are:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Track and Trace
  • Worker productivity increases
  • Greater accuracy for delivery
  • Manual data-entry and paperwork is eliminated

    Freight & Logistics Industry Solutions

    Just What Are Freight And Logistics Solutions?
    Put simply; it’s the right amount of matter- correct time- appropriate price regarding delivery solutions. Logistics is a discipline dealing with procedures of any business or organization and measures considerable operational and financial impact. Freight logistics entails working with experts in freight transport within a variety of industrial sectors.
    The goal of businesses regarding freight and logistics is to effectively deliver merchandise with exceptional standards regarding the quality and safety of the goods. Hence, there are several manufacturers and businesses with integrated solutions that are very popular with consideration to freight applications and solutions.

    Freight logistics solutions provide a tool for enhanced managerial decisions which means improved customer services through an efficient delivery execution systerm.
    For real time mobility solutions the staff at POSMarket has the best solutions including wireless computers, scanners, hand labelers and many more products designed to make the task of tracking, tracing and proof of delivery (POD)simple. The tracking of freight is a specialized area of business requiring highly sophisticated equipment and expertise to implement the best available freight and logistics industry solutions.

    We have everything from portable label printers to scanners and PDTs as well as countless other products to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competition at all times. Utilizing our POSMarket freight and logistics Industry solutions expertise and friendly service makes good sense as we cannot only analyze your needs and find ways to improve your business operations that will not only ensure increased efficiency and raise profits but also generate bottom-line results to lower costs.

    How Can PosMarket Freight And Logistics Solutions Help Your Business?
    With an increasing requirement to constantly expand freight and logistics operations as well as security, regulatory compliance and ‘Green’ practices the result has been an increase in the cost of transportation and across the entire business spectrum. To keep ahead of the competition and stay in line with the latest practices; businesses require better logistical and route planning, communications, tracking and information / communications solutions and software to simply ensure fast and reliable delivery service.

    There are key metrics used to measure logistics business and operation performance including the processing and completion time of an import or export transaction; the cost of the shipping transaction processing, the time difference in completing the shipping transaction as well as various other indicators such as number of documents required to file, inspection criteria and the percentage of inspected containers just to name a few. As you can see, the nature of freight and logistics is indeed complex and by improving performance with POSMarket’s Freight & Logistics Industry Solutions electronic devices and software you will certainly reduce costs, improve customer service and standardize your end-to-end shipping and routing processes

    Discover how using the superior logistics software solutions and equipment available to supply freight assessment, planning, and design can better your business. Call or email us today. POSMarket can provide you with such products as we only sell well known reliable brands and superior logistics software solutions products that have been tried and tested.
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